Sasol Head Office

Main Contractor Ayeng
Project Description Sasol Head Office in Sandton: 10 Storey Office Block
Value R100 000 000.00
Time Period  2 Years
Year Completed 2016


The new Sasol Head Office, with Ductech (Pty)Ltd as the HVAC contractor and HVAC contract-value of R100mil, has changed the Sandton skyline.

  • The project has been successfully completed end of 2016.
  • The HVAC installation  started in July 2014 and consists of 6000 kW air-cooled chillers, FCU’s, AHU’s, VRV DX patch room system, Dual Cool DX & chilled-water server close-control, basement ventilation, kitchen extract, etc.

4 x 1000kW Air-cooled Chillers

Typical fresh air supply fan

Roof mounted chillers 3 x 600W

Typical Atrium smokeextract fan

ER room: four combined standalone/chilled water down blow air conditioning units with cooling heating and humidification

The 3 modes of operation available are as follows:

  • 100% Free Cooling (Economizer)

  • 100% Mechanical Cooling

  • Hybrid Operation (FreeCool+Mechanical)

Typical SER room unit installation

Typical DB installation with BMMS panel and speed drives